Maple Leaf Diamonds

We are a proud Maple Leaf Diamond Dealer. Maple Leaf Diamonds are mined in the North West Territories. They are some of the most highly prized diamonds in the world. Maple Leaf Diamonds are guaranteed natural and all have a distinct maple leaf insignia and tracking number laser inscribed on the girdle. The unique inscription allows for each diamond to be tracked throughout the journey from the rough crystal to the finished treasure, guaranteeing its Canadian origin.

Noam Carver is a sculptor, designer and goldsmith whose jewelry unites classic and contemporary motifs from around the world.

Noam Carver


Featuring some of the most intricate pieces from our diamond bridal collection, each design embodies a sense of artistic expression that is sure to excite the most discerning clientele.


Purchasing an engagement ring is a very exciting time in ones life. It symbolizes a promise, your love and commitment to your love one. The engagement ring you choose shouldn't just be a diamond ring, rather one that reflects both style and quality. We have access to Canadian and Non-Canadian diamonds from around the world which can be brought in for your personal viewing.  

At Steve Marshmans, we can help guide you through the process and help you find, or design the perfect ring that symbolizes your promise forever.

When you purchase an engagement ring with us you become a VIP client. You will receive 25% off your wedding bands, free ring engraving as well as 25% off your bridal jewellery and attendant gifts at 4Ever Expressions